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May 16, 2016

Do you want to work with a team you LOVE?  Do you want to work for a supervisor who totally values your input and will put your expertise and experiences to use?  Do you want to be a part of something BIG that molds and shapes the lives of the children – our future?  Would you like to look forward to giggling and making play a part of your work day every day?

Making a huge difference in the lives of children is our priority at Miss Dee Dee’s Child Care and Learning Center, a privately owned child care.  We are on-fire with a big vision because we know that the children in our care will move on in their lives to do amazing things with a passion for reading, writing and building positive relationships that celebrate diversity.  Miss Dee Dee is a hands-on owner who will be there to support your growth as you implement her unique curriculum and structured play that has a proven track record for results in helping children focus and concentrate.  We are also a Child Care Program of Excellence Mentorship Member as it’s our goal to consistently strive to reach new levels of excellence in ALL that we do.

If you would like to put your amazing energy and organizational skills to work while changing the future of the world through educating and inspiring the children, please send your resume to  We have just a few spots available for part-time and full-time teachers, assistant teachers and lead teachers who possess pure awesomeness to join our dynamic child care team.

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